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Is He Married?

Is he married? How will you know if your boyfriend is telling the truth when he actually said he’s single? The issue of polygamy has become a big problem all over the United States at present, and this is because there are men who keep the fact that they are actually married to another woman in order to marry another. To avoid this problem in the future and of course to stop any unnecessary feelings that would end up hurting you, you should take the necessary measures to make sure that he’s telling the truth. Is he married? Here are the signs you should consider.

The question “Is he married?” must never leave your mind as you investigate and try to look for answers. With this in mind, try to call him during non-working hours, when—if he is indeed tied to someone—his wife would likely be around. If he refuses to give his home phone, alleging he doesn’t have one or claims he’s busy in the evening, then it’s time for you to get suspicious.

To further strengthen your evidences, you may try another approach. A married man would not want to go out on Friday or Saturday evenings when his wife and kids would be home. An available man who wants to date you should find it okay to take you out at night any day of the week.

Now, is he married? You would never know the answer. But surely, his friends would. Most of the time, a married man would talk to you about his friends a lot but never get to the point of introducing you to them since most of his friends are probably his wife’s friends as well. If they find out about you, then the both of you will be in big trouble—or at least he will be.

The way he shows affection is also an important sign. A free bachelor would find it okay to show his affection for you in public and for the whole world to see. A married man, on the other hand, would end up being extra careful with his movement or the chances that the both of you will actually be seen in public since he’s got a reputation to take care of.

Most importantly, some of the things famously associated with marriage are wedding rings. A man who intends to hide his status would definitely keep his wedding ring when he’s with you and put it back on when he’s with his family. Find time to check his hands, and look for a mark on his ring finger. Is he married? If you indeed see this, then yes, he definitely is.

Is he married? This is such a suspicious question that will definitely make or break you and your relationship with your man. But this question is also something that you should always think of and be careful of. Doing the necessary investigation in order to find the answer is a good thing because this will help you avoid breaking any family that he might have and will help you ease any feeling of guilt.

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